Can I put the Core R-01 in the uconsole?

I am not able to understand if that is possible… Can I get a uconsole with the pi module for example, and then buy the R-01 module and swap it when I feel like I want to work on Risc-V? Or is that module only made for the devterm?

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The R-01 module appears to be made for the ClockworkPi v3.14 mainboard… and the two known devices using that are the DevTerm and the uConsole, the latter of which has a slightly updated iteration.

So yes. It should be 100% compatible.


I will get the R-01 module too then

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They’re compatible, yeah, even swapping between DevTerm and uConsole. The R01 is really fun and it has ridiculous battery life. A few times I was reading on my DevTerm and fell asleep and it was still running when I woke up.

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