Can it run mame

Any thoughts about running Mame on this platform?


I’m also very interested in a Mame configuration. My purchase of ClockworkPi was for the purpose of implementing Mame.


Ditto. My reason is the same as @lasvegas

Yup, this would be such a bonus. I was secretly hoping that this would be supported!

Hello, I am also interested in Mame, although what worries me the most is that I arrive in perfect condition in Argentina. I am very happy to be in contact with you in this community.

Happy New Year! GameShell community coordinator here. :handshake:
Thanks for your supports!
According to our developer, we will add Mame in our testing list.
We will keep you posted on updates.

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I didn’t mean to earwig here, but I heard that MAME is responsible for a lot of terrible crimes! Yet, now you can put the blame on MAME in Arcadia or in Ysgard! Shada, shada, MAME. I apologize for the joke; it’s just I’ve got 1 undead remaining to save this world from the Burning Legion, and I need to make sure my soul goes to Arborea.

Well “can it run mame” is not really a good question, because MAME emulates hundreds of different hardware which don’t need the same requirement on the host side.

The best question would be “Does this arcade game would run using MAME” or equivalent.

If you want to run the latest 3D arcade games, well I fear you will be disappointed. It does not run well on a Raspberry Pi 3 so it would not either here.
If you want to run arcade games from the 80 and probably early 90s, I would say yes probably for most of them.

any luck on running mame on the gameshell anyone?
I installed the core and run the game… It goes back to the launcher every time…

Only 1 MAME Rom out of 5 is working for me

Try MAME2003_Reference_Set_MAME0.78_ROMs :wink: and don’t forget some arcades require bios rom…


Some roms need their parents to run properly. (Like some Pacman roms need Puckman because somewhere along the way game rippers decided to save space with clone roms)

Getting them in a set that is confirmed to work is your best bet.

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