Can't work on MAME

I put the ROMS(0.78) in game/MAME
just Lording and back to Linux

anyone can help?


Do you have the correct BIOS?

Hi, What is Bios?
I try some ROMs can work, some can’t.
I don’t know what step is wrong .

Thank you for your reply

For MAME not all Roms will work. I use FinalBurn Alpha (FBA), it seems to run a wider range of roms.

Ok! I will try FBA.
What version for FBA ‘s rom (0.78 or 0.81?)

Thank you for your reply

FBA is a bit less picky, so if you want a specific game you might want to try multiple sources, but I use mainly roms from:
FB Alpha 2016 RefSet v0.2.97.39
MAME 0.37b5

They hold much of what I need. Keep in mind that some games WILL run slow with FBA or MAME. But most run very well.

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Thank you so much!!
I will try it!