Can’t stand the feel of the Lego back?

I couldn’t stand the feel of the Lego back, after about a week of perseverance I gave up and had to change backs.

I ended up missing the lightkey, I could play many PSX games or SNES games without changing button maps. So I ended up fixing the lightkey to the flat back with a bit of thick craft mounting tape from a craft/hobby store. Thought I’d post here to show anyone who has the same issue as me.

The cable routes nicely behind the battery module and through the gap in the top behind the main board module, with only a little sticking out above the lightkey. Gameshell feels so much better to hold now though!



The photo isn’t showing.

Edited, should show now :slight_smile:

Nice! Thats 3M tape right? I will probably give this a go myself. Thanks for fixing the photo, now I see what you did :slight_smile:

I think it’s 3M tape, but any thick mounting/double sided tape should work. I tried it without the Lego mounts, but the buttons then faced outwards rather than upwards, and it was weird. I’d have liked to have the lightkey closer to the Gameshell body so that the whole thing is thinner, but this is a good enough compromise for me.

Lego’s back is suitable for people with obsessive-compulsive disorder like me to keep rubbing it



if only the gameshell was longer and the lightkey is on a loaded spring that can be pop out and pop in by pushing it

Now that would be nice. It would fit into your pocket so much easier! I’m sure we could 3D print a back cover that is taller, with a cutout for this, and make it ourselves. Shame I don’t have access to a 3D printer though.

Nice one! Not related to the topic and sorry i’m hijacking this one, but my GS was sent without a lightkey cable and I’ve been in contact with Yong and Hal about getting one from them, but kept getting delayed, ignored and whatnot and I really want to try my lightkey. Does anyone know what will be the name of that cable so I can maybe buy one from a shop? Cheers for whoever will be able to come with a reply.

You need a 6 wire cable with 6 pin SIP JST 1.5MM female connectors on both ends. 3-4 inch length should be enough.

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