The Lightkey with GameShell

I think I forget to tell everyone that we have optimized the Lightkey design months ago
, finally the module hides the cable and has a better control experience. :sunglasses:


oh… BTW: the each button will glow when you press it :sunny: , So we call it “light” key :sunglasses:


Beautiful. Can’t wait to use it.

So there are only 2 button now instead of the 5 previously?

For the lights, I always though that there will be some light there :smile:

There are still 5 buttons.

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Oh! Ok, it was not obvious from the other photo, it looked like only having two buttons on the side

I was expecting the GameShell to be a little thicker. But i think this is actually better. I dont know. What do you guys think?

I love it! Although I would prefer “embedded” buttons, this looks great and extensible which is freakin awesome :slight_smile:

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With the buttons being at a 90 degree angle like that, does it still feel comfortable holding the device when using the buttons?

Well it will probably be better than what they were. After all they are supposed to act like the shoulder buttons

This really looks like an improvement. Awesome! :blush:

Can we get a few more pictures of how the lightkeys are connected? Do you assemble the keys after the backplate is in place with the cable hanging out?

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Ok but that will not easy to use the button if there mount at 90 degree. Really strange ideas…

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This was my concerns, how the ergonomics on gripping the GameShell with fingers placed on the light key during long durations of gaming.

Well, take your phone and hold it like the gameshell is suppose to be hold, then either try without anything or put something that have a similar shape as the light key and check which side is the easiest to reach. I do think that the new is better than the old one, probably not perfect, but if placed high enough it would be way more ergonomically.

I’m sure it’s hackable so you could do a project of embedding the buttons somewhere or changing the layout with a 3D printed case.

Ergonomically I agree having the buttons on top seems like a better option. I’m just a bit worried about applying a torque in doing so and the lightkey attachment popping off.

Yeah, never underestimate the force behind button-mashing when angry at a game.

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