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What card I could use to replace A06 Card . For example a raspi 5 or card like odroid . I hava had so much trouble to make A06 card running that I’m quite unhappy with this product . I would like to use battery,screen keyboard with other board

…Judging by your previous posts, it seems you’re more of a seasoned user, not a computer specialist per sé. And you clearly don’t have the patience to work around the limits of the A-04/A-06/R-01 cores (not “cards”, by the way).

Anyway, if you mean swapping out the A-06 core in your uConsole for a different one, I recommend using the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 adapter, and supplying your own CM4. Just a note, in case browsing through this forum is overwhelming, make sure the CM4 you install has wireless built-in, and no built-in storage. Pay attention to the model number: CM410X000 (X denotes the built-in RAM in GB).

And make sure to buy the board from Clockwork, and nowhere else.

RPI CM4 Adapter for DevTerm & CPI v3.14 | ClockworkPi

hi maybe in 1982 when I began to work in computer stuff you were not even born or drinking some milk . It is stupid to answer such things . I would express better in my native language .

No further comment

Yh i would recommend getting the cm4 adapter board and hopefully if the cm5 is the same form factor, you will be able to use that too

@fe8769 @mterencelao if we could avoid direct personal attack, that would be lovely. Thank both of you.

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