Raspberry CM3 core

Excuse my English, I don’t speak it. And for the rest I’m not a technician, so my question could be stupid.

Can I put a raspberry CM3 in the base of the uConsole rather than the 4 sold?
And if so, can I have it with the Raspberry Os rather than Clockwork?

yes-ish, im planning to do this since i already own a devterm, i believe it should be backwards compatible, id imagine its almost electrically identical to the devterm so its just ensuring the display is set up correctly

The “ClockworkPi v3.14”'s connector is for CM3, the CM4 is plugged into “ClockworkPi v3.14” by an adapter indeed:

RPI CM4 Adapter for DevTerm & CPI v3.14

Thank you. Still, the only coreless device in the store is the uConsole RPI-CM4 Lite Kit at
It would be without the noted Raspberry Pi CM4 (optional). But what about the adapter for this module to the motherboard, and the WIFI gain antenna for CM4 module? Logically these components are no longer needed, except that they are not noted as optional.
Finally, the apprentice that I am, would like a high speed 32 GB TF card with BlackberryOs rather than ClockworkOS.