Change core board?

I bought uConsole Kit RPI-CM4 Lite and think… Can i change core board from rpi 4 to rpi 5 when it will realised? Or Core A-06?


What you bought was a Mainboard with a CM3 compatible SODIMM connector along with an adapter board that will allow you to install a (optionally included) CM4.

The Core A-06 is compatible with that SODIMM socket as well.

CM5 doesn’t exist, yet so we don’t know if it will have the same socket layout to be compatible with the adapter.

But, as RPi and clockworkpi are pretty darn into open source… you can make your own adapter if you really like…

here is a tutorial to make a carrier board for a cm4

and the github that has the schematics of the existing parts

just remember it must fit in the SODIMM form factor.

hope this helps


I wonder who will make a CM5 adaptor board first lol the community or clockwork themselves.

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