Cases and storage

My plan for my A04 is to do some coding while out backpacking, can anyone recommend a case for the devterm suitable for this purpose?


I’ve been using an old shooting range bag (intended for a compact pistol) to lug my EeePC around for years - and it served me well so far. Looks like this.
Brings better protection against shocks than laptop sleeves. I sometimes add a thin waterproof bag around the computer to protect the computer when I’m cycling to/from work.

In fact, what is perfect for a laptop is less than ideal for the DevTerm because the display is much more exposed. I’m researching a plastic lunchbox which could be a good fit.

Let us know what you find. I was thinking maybe a Pelican style case would be good, but I don’t want it to be too bulky.

I don’t have one yet to see if it fits but I was thinking something like this might work:

I want to to pack down rather small and have enough padding to prevent breakage while packed away on the trail.

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ive done two cases for myself