Sewed a DevTerm case

i had not found tailor lastday they all got off work, sewed a DevTerm case, it can holds substitute batteries,core board and mini TF card
so, i can change my raspberry pi & OS in 5 minutes.
one left job is made a plastic box to hold the raspberry pi.
still, i am looking for a better case.

material: used felt
thickness: 2mm
button closure:2 rivets,1 has Magnet


Very pretty - I guess you’re not planning to carry the printer with you?


thanks. I can carry the thermal print in my backpack, it has a tough tray already, and this case can put in backpack too.
when your backpack is nearby, this case can be used along.

Core board and TF card pocket need some kind of protection I think.

yes. the tf card has the adapter when you bought, it would be attached as a gift and you can use it as a protect case.
the real issue is how to protect the raspberry cm3 board, i haven’t any ideas now.

I don’t think that bag is ESD safe :wink:

Nice work though. Put that CM3 in a anti static bag and you’re golden.

Would be even sweeter with a shoulder strap. But again nice work! I’d buy one.

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The compute module directly on felt like that is a really really bad idea.
You need to store the module on an antistatic surface / bag else you will kill it. Felt can easily generate a lot of static electricity and you really don’t want your un protected electronic device to have static charges at random. (that also true for the SD cards even if they should be a bit more protected agains ESD)

The build devterm will not have issues are it is protected by the case


thanks for your feedback, i’ll find an ESD bag for the raspberry cm3.

thank you to let me know that. and another ESD bag for tf card

a simple plastic box as they sometimes are sold in, should be enough for the SD card

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yeah, i found this on taobao :sweat_smile:

thank you all gave me feedbacks. i bought tf card & cm3 boxes to hold all the tiny and fragile stuff, include the antistatic sponge, they are all under the below.