Carrying case / protective case options

I’ve been looking around for some type of protective carrying case, as I intend to use the devterm on the go. Has anyone else been looking, and come up with ideas? I plan on carrying mine, along with a hackrf, and maybe a small set of tools.

I’ve been trying to find a 9x7in sleeve/ bag/ case, and the same in a 10x8, and I’m coming up nil. I’ve thought about a laptop sleeve, but I’d prefer something I can just slide into a backpack.

The old Nintendo 2DS that looked like a slice of bread might be similar in size. There were a bunch of cases for that. Maybe that would work. They should be cheap online since it’s kinda a dead console now.


I actually have a few clamshell headcases like this one:

I may or may not get another one…
But I am seriously considering attaching a lanyard to the side gears or something and wearing the DT like FlavaFlav wear his timepieces


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I’m getting déjà vu of this thread:

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The 2ds is possibly smaller.

2ds dimensions
Width: 14.4 cm (5.7 in)
Height: 12.7 cm (5.0 in)
Depth: 2.03 cm (0.80 in)

From this thread, these approximate dimensions are speculated -


Which I think will make it too big for the 2ds case

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which is exactly why the first clamshell case i linked is like 9x5x2
not sure if the speculation takes the side gears into consideration.

I think I might get this, instead:

This might just be big enough… and possibly even cooler than mine

I just bought a EVA carrying case. 29.6mm * 19.3mm * 5.5mm.


Can you give me a link where I can buy this?

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I bought it from taobao.

You may find similar case on aliexpress. just searching for diy traveling eva case

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Thank you very much!

A bit big (for me), but nice one!

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Dragging this up from the depths: I’ve just received a carrying… thing I backed on Kickstarter a while back: the Tool Roll Folio.

By sheer coincidence, it’s almost exactly the right size for the DevTerm.

Bit of an expensive option, and you’d probably want to fit a screen protector first - but it’s one to add to the list!

Do you still have room in there for the case of thermo printer paper?

You could maybe cram the paper cassette in if you didn’t have a notebook in there like I do, but it wouldn’t be ideal.

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Here’s what I wound up with:

In the bottom right is a plastic case with my 18650 batteries. In the middle right is a USB charger, with a 6 foot USB cable on the bottom left. Top right is the printer.

It’s my first time cutting foam in a case like this, so the cuts are ugly, but it holds well. I’d say it’s good for light travel and storage.

Only $22 on Amazon:

If you want heavier duty, my research led me to this Lykus case; I haven’t tested it but seems like it would fit, it’s more durable, and it has easier pluckable foam, for $43:


I carry a backpack. I’ve been looking for something to slip the DevTerm in, so I could carry it in my backpack without damage.

Here’s a quick find. It is semi rigid, and just the right size for the DevTerm itself. It prevents the power switch from accidentally being pressed, especially if you put the DevTerm in with the power switch toward the spine.