Changing Compute Module on uConsole


The uConsole will be my entry into Linux, so I am quite at the beginning of my journey. Ordered a black uConsole with the CM4-Lite 4 GB RAM and WiFi/4g end last October and have since learned that the 90 working days are a tad of a stretch.

To shorten the time, I have since acquired an additional CM4, this time a 8 GB RAM and with 32 GB MMC and WiFi. Because yolo. Question: When I receive the uConsole (fingers crossed), will I be able to build it straight away with the bigger CM4 and the provided OS?

Look for other references to the mmc in forums. I did the same thing and then ordered a CM4-lite 8GB w/o the mmc

Seems that the mmc requires you to flash from another computer and kills the micro SD slot. I have flashed from a different computer before but it is just easier to build your image and load using the Micro SD. Find an old laptop and download some Linux iso’s and play for a while. make for good practice and the laptop can be junker for the most part.


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:slight_smile: ot plenty of time!:slight_smile:

I am running the uConsole with the 8G RAM and 32 G eMMC with WiFi. Works great. You do need to use that I/O board from Raspberry Pi to program the eMMC, but after that it is really fast and runs well. Same OS works on both SD and eMMS.