Clockwork / GameShell Wiki


Has there been any thought into adding a wiki? Forums are great for discussion, but some of the information gained during discussions can benefit from being documented into a wiki where it will be easier to find, and not lost into the ether of the forums.

Links to current and past OS images, and how to use / install them. Pages containing and explaining the hardware, schematics, etc. Trouble shooting guides. Tutorials. Etc.

It would also have the added benefit of a location where new users can immediately go to solve most beginner issues.


That’s a great suggestion. We are working on that.
There are some wiki pages done, we need to make them more organized and complete.
We welcome all of your suggestions and contributions.


If I’m being honest, I’ve never found the Github wiki pages to be very pleasing, but yeah, organization and completeness would help a lot.

I may set up a test MediaWiki styled to evoke Clockwork / GameShell, to see how it looks.