Is there a How-To or manual for clockpi(software guidence)

For the best practice in

  1. How to put mp3/media files into the device? {via sftp? }
  2. How to use the tiny cloud (what is the airplay for ?)
  3. How to add language packages?/ if there were any

and so on.

The organization of related contents is not structured and I am suffering
going through lots of topics for potential information.


Thank you for opening this thread.
I would also appreciate if there were a small how-to for the GS.
If I find something, I will let you know. :+1:

Probably a comunity driven wiki will spawn soon. Day by day people are getting their gameshell.

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Was going to say a wiki.

@yong / @hal a community Wiki would be a good idea at some point, do you have any plan about that?


Yes, WIKI is a good idea.