Clockwork Mainboard spec

I’d like to design my own enclosure for my Clockwork Main board. Is there a place I can find measurements for board layout? I just need size, through holes, and port locations. I could get my calipers out and measure myself, but I’d prefer “official” measurements as a starting point.

There’s the official DXF files here in their Github.

Tough I am not so sure about the mounting holes, it’s a good start.
Preview in LibreCAD

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I’ve been just measuring it. Generally coming to fairly round numbers, so I figure they’re right. What’s a good DXF viewing tool?

I used LibreCAD in the screenshot, but qcad is the better application because it has snapping on by default and is easier to manage by my opinion, just need to import it and you can place measurements. If you are using Windows, I had good experiences with Dassault DraftSight.

I’ll look at that. My measurements don’t quite line up, and I’d like some ground truth.