Expansion slot specifications

Have the specifications of the expansion slot been released? I couldn’t see a repo as of yet. I understand it’s using a standard mPCI-E(?) physical interface but the pin out is custom. Would be nice to start fiddling now.

I wasn’t around for the previous launches but I have seen companies wait until the product is out before releasing source. Does anyone know if this the case in the previous launches?

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Hi and welcome!

The pinout for EXT is documented here: DevTerm/clockwork_DevTerm_Ext_Schematic.pdf at main · clockworkpi/DevTerm · GitHub
Also, check out the more detailed core-specific mapping I made a while ago: The booby-trapped DevTerm GPIO - #10 by yatli


i tought the main board both devterm and uconsole where the same makes sense earlier pinout can be referenced will ready the booby trap notes. hope to add two more usb to uconsole in absence of cello card.

Thank you!

Didn’t even think about the DevTerm & uConsole sharing board design.

Sounds good, I’ll be looking out for it. I’m hoping to add LoRa initially. I think this form factor really benefits from modular expansion. I’m very interested in KVM functionality but this will have to wait.