Closing forum account

Hi Guys, is there a way to cancel/close/delete a forum account ? Loving many of the threads but not the development of peoples reactions lately, so I want to close my account.

Just stop coming here lol. Outta site outta mind?

Then you can atleast come back later!!

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There doesn’t seem to be an option for closing an account sadly. I think the best you can do is turn off all the emails/notifications under account settings.

Please don’t go. We appreciate your participation and contribution to this community.
I personally really want to thank you for the offer to help us in contacting PostNL. Positivity will outshine negativity, we need that spirit in this difficult time.


Plus, while you all wait for the system, there is a lot of work being done by the community to make it better!!

You’ll just get to jump right into the development instead of waiting on it :slight_smile:

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+1 to the above. I wouldn’t let a couple of people’s bad reactions be responsible for the loss of your participation (which has been super constructive and positive!)


Thank you all for the kind responses !!!

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I know how you feel (I’ve been watching the negativity of people on the UK fellowship thread), but I feel that the help and positivity people are showing are far outweighing the negative. Let’s hold on, we can make this community a great one!

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@wizz, please stay, that’s a moderator request ! :wink:

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Everyone on the forums will be happier soon once shipping is all sorted out and everyone has the devices :). It would be a shame to leave just because of some people getting upset with each other in that one thread. I hope you change your mind and stay!