Sub forums for more organization



hello everyone i am a backer , i just got an idea for the forum .

Why not make sub-forums for more organized disccusions ?

Example :

GameShell :
-etc …


Don’t know if with the current volume of topic and messages it would be really needed, but that’s an interesting point


To my knowledge, this is the point in the tagging system already put in place on the forum (GameShell, Games, Site Feedback, Uncategorized, Sales Issues, Getting Started, Tutorials, and Announcements).

With this in mind, I feel the better approach would be adding the tags you suggested (OS, Problems, Emulators, and Modules) if the community grew to an extent where this classification would be needed to sort through everything else, rather than fragmenting the forum into sub-forums.



I have to agree with aewens on adding tags to the current system.

So far, I think most of those haven’t been added yet because we don’t have the products yet. When we have the GameShell, those become topics that can be adequately addressed and will probably be added. Until then, we’ll just get a bunch of questions about the OS nobody can answer in that tag.

It would be nice to have a dedicated Modules tag now though. We have the .stl files so people can already start designing custom modules to be ready for launch.


Tag is something that Discourse support, but must be enabled (it is not by default) so that’s clearly something that we can have here


You can sort by category. You can also click the “categories” tab to access a higher level map.You can filter by category. The only thing left is to give users the privilege to create new categories, except I read all the messages anyway, no matter where they go.


That’s where TAG would have a role to play, these can be set by user and are not part of the categories.

@yong do you think you could enable tags on this forum?


Human hatred is infinite and predictable, to the extent that it blinds the fools who are everyone. Tags create metadata that can be used to use human preferences to create an associative search. People can also think similarly enough that they can guess tags, and tags can be used to compile trends. This engine doesn’t possess nearly enough information to warrant a tag system.


This is my new life motto! XD


Tags has been enabled. I’m new to Discourse, please bear with me while setting things up.
You are right. We should probably rely on wisdom of the crowd for generating tags first, categories could then be decided along the way. Many of the current categories are reserved for after we ship the products.
Any suggestions and feedback are highly appreciated.


It appears the only tag available right now is feedback.


You should be able to create new one even as a user


When you create a new topic, you can type in your own “tag” or select one that is already present.

I’m not sure if that is the only way to access/use them. Bad things happen when I make assumptions about things…


Yeah you are right, don’t remember if it is an option or not, but yeah we can’t create new tags, shame :confused:


The min trust level for creating tags is either 4 or 3. If it is 3, at the minimum we have like… 85 days left until someone is considered TL3 (Regular).
TL4(Leader) is restricted to essentially moderators and owners. It can only be unlocked by being manually added.

If you changed the “min trust to create tag” value to TL2(Member), and later to 3 when people could possibly have the title, we would be able to create tags now and new people couldn’t make “plzhellp” tags until after they earn TL2/3 by engaging and being active for 15/100 days.

Meant to reply to @yong, but I’m sure (s)he’ll see this.


I have changed “min trust to create tag” to 2
Let’s see if it works.


Someone who has TL2(Member) test the tags!
(cough cough I’m looking @Godzil and @aewens cough cough)



Seems to works fine!


Woo! Thanks @yong!
This forum is getting better everyday!

And everyday I get 6.67% closer to having the power to tag things!


@QuantumKraken @Godzil @aewens @Lenux @TrapaPie
You guys are amazing!
Sandbox category is created, let’s play!:grinning: