Feedback to closing: Wen ship? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


when things goes beyond these limits, it’s anarchy, and I cannot allow anarchy her

Is this your forum Godzil? When no, calm down relax and lat another Admin do the job for a while. For me its hard to read your stuff. Your last post, sounds like a ego trip, no offence.

I sended a Message to you, with a suggestion, have you think about it?


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If you have a problem with a mod, build a case and submit to ClockworkPi for review.

This is useless shit, there’s no need for it. It is not constructive.

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why are you being so rude, one can discuss a matter.



Quoting you from the other thread:

For the TL;DR, yes I’m in power here, I’ve asked people to calm down, they haven’t listen, I had to act, this is how things works everywhere where there is moderation.

You see, I’m not even opposed to closing that thread. But.
I really don’t see “please do not tempt fate” as a proper way of calming people down. I think you are doing the opposite and heating things up.

There are many options for improved moderation, such as

  1. engage the community to clarify that there are difficulties,
  2. establishing a guideline explicitly,
  3. moving posts to a new thread
    etc. etc.

But so far your counter argument is that

  1. The forum was running fine
  2. You think people are doing things wrong

And with that, these suggestions are neglected, and you continue to exercise your power in a way that is provocative in-your-face, by showing people that they are at your mercy.
It does not have to be like this.


I agree that a guideline is lacking, but thats not up to the mods, as we are not affiliated to Clockwork, we are regular users.

We do have a FAQ, and one of the points, if you review it you will see that it was not being followed, specifically the “no-content replies”

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Oh that’s good to know. And I wish this link is brought up earlier.
After poking around I find it can be accessed here:

Bringing this up to guide the conversation in the thread, and announcing moderation actions in a neutral way, is a better approach already.

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my suggestion to Godzil was, to create a tobic like „Can’t wait…. F5 F5 F5„, for all the can’t wait stuff.


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Cuz I can’t express my opinion in English, so I just use Chinese unceremoniously.






I hope translation tools did me justice in understanding you, I agree, this has gotten out of hand and the threatening is really uncalled for. ultimately a community has formed around the wenship thread and alot of people where engaged with that thread. I dont think it was productive but alot of people where having alot of fun, and in the end isnt that the whole reason any of us even bought a clockworkpi device? its supposed to be fun, slightly filled with nonsense, and make some friends along the way, after all its not like theirs an appreciable cost to us keeping the thread open, its not Imgur after all. like that banter costs us nothing and the forum still functionally works as intended


I didn’t mean to be rude, I am sorry. Just mean we can handle things more constructively.

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Aww, I enjoyed reading the “Wen ship” thread from time to time, someone even wanted to make merchandise for it. :confused: :slightly_frowning_face:


I have an idea that may please some.

I move the Wen topic to #sandbox, you promise to not spam or post in it like asking every 5min when shipping start, and I reopen it.

Edit: Though if I see any whining anywhere about shipping being delayed, I’ll delete these messages.


Just wondering: what’s the issue if someone were to ask for a shipping update? The whole purpose of that thread is that such “spammy” posts are bundled in there and don’t fill other threads, such as the official “shipping updates” thread.
If anything, I believe it’s a good thing that there’s one central “chaos” thread where all the excited people can gather, speculate, have fun etc. and don’t bother the rest of the forum. I’ve read all the posts there and there was no hate or otherwise objectively bad posts, from what I can tell.

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Why be so harsh on that topic?

The product hasn’t been delivered yet, and there’s nothing for users to discuss. The topic just provides some entertainment or a way to vent frustrations.

Furthermore, the official channel hasn’t provided regular updates to inform users what’s really going on, and most users are unhappy because of the silence from the official side, not the waiting itself.

The Wen Ship topic to some extent alleviated the anxiety of users. People crack some jokes, comfort each other. I see it as a harmless activity. Also, users here follow the rules, no one creates new topics asking “when will the product ship”, everyone focuses on that one or two existing topics.

Administrators have countless mild options to deal with this topic, rather than harshly closing it down.



当然我还是认同你不少观点。官方定时上来发个进展应该不是什么难事,但一直保持沉默,要不是之前的产品最终还是顺利交付,并且质量还不错的话,路人还以为这是被诈骗了。 :smile:



As said multiple times, there is a different with entertain and being needy.

One is acting like adults the other like small kids who cannot control themselves.

The first side is acceptable, the second is not.

Also to be clear about how moderation work here, we are in power as in charge of making sure the forum is not running into a wasteland of turning into a hate based location.
Yes moderation is not meant to be friendly, that’s why I use the “moderation” colour when it is about moderation and not myself. The me and moderator me are not the same.

We as moderator on this forum are not being pushy, but when thing start to get out of control, we sadly have to act, and, that’s what was happening here in that specific topic. I know that not everything on that topic was going out of control, but what would you do when people are not listening ro your request of calming down?

That’s when you have to take measure.

Allso to somewhat answer someone somewhere else. I’m not paid by CPi for what I do here, I do that on my free time, and I have a life. Also the people in the forum were behaving reasonably well, it is really recently that thing started to be out of control, and request for calming were asked way before acting.

If you have kids and you warn them about something, if they continue to do the same thing, do you just do nothing because? No you have to act. That’s exactly how a forum work.
Sometimes people start to act like kids and sadly when they don’t listen, you have to act.


You’re absolutely right, forum management is maintained spontaneously,not paid by CPi at all, and all mods were the first generation of GameShell produced at that time, who contributed a lot to the forum.

In fact, the forum has been spontaneously maintained to this day, which is a small miracle.

Here is the latest progress of uConsole:

It has been delayed, just like flight delays due to bad weather.

In fact, there are always actively preparing for shipment, but after all,
need time to do adjustments of hardware,software ,recreating new models ,try different materials

and the quantity is small, and the factory is relatively (very) late in sorting orders.

Many people may not fully understand the process of producing electronic products.

In fact, a factory is constantly accepting orders and producing, unless your order quantity is large enough to support the entire factory, otherwise various products actually sharing a same production line in order