[CM3/Raspbian] "stm32tools is not avaiable for your operating system"

I tried to compile Keyboard firmware using Arduino in DevTerm.

I believe that It supposed to install necessary packages (stm32tools), If I select & click the ‘install’ button like above picture. But actually Audino IDE v1.8.15 says error message.

What am I wrong? please help me.

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I just realized that the reference of godzil is written for macOS.

Don’t use the DevTerm directly, you need to use a computer like a mac, windows or x86 Linux based one.

There is probably no ARM version of the toolchain for the STM32.

I dreamed of modifying the keyboard firmware if I go camping, but now I have to fold it for a while :wink:

Raise an issue on the GitHub repo related to the stm32 tools that you’d like an ARM build of them!

Also, don’t try to flash the keyboard while it being connected to the DevTerm with the pogo pins.

You will need a USB-A to micro USB B to program it as with a computer.


Thank you for the new info.
I didn’t know that I could not flash DevTerm’s keyboard while it being connected.
Then why need to raise an issue for that.
I’ll just work on macOS.

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I’m saying that if you want to use the Arduino IDE on the go on the DevTerm to program the keyboard, you will need to have the STM32 compiler, and they seems to not have ARM version of them, so raising an issue to the STM32 people to request a build

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(I late to reply for living)

Yes, I like to. I have Watchy smartwatch and coding on my DevTerm will be fun.

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