How to develop for Arduino / ESP / Pi Pico on the DevTerm?

I am having trouble setting up a working development environment for these microcontrollers.

I wanted to follow the official Pi Pico tutorial and install the Thonny IDE, but failed.

I also wanted to have the Arduino IDE I use on desktop to program Arduinos and ESP32 boards, but wasn’t able to install it either.

Has anyone actually succeeded in installing either, or am I just wasting my time here, trying to accomplish this?

I’ve installed Thonny (on the R01) but I’ve not yet tried to use with a Pico. I’ve not tried Arduino IDE or the espressif SDK yet, but you’ve set me some goals. Later on, I’ll try the new MicroPython 1.19 and mpremote, if I can. I suspect it will likely be gated on the individual compilers for the supported boards and whether they run on ARM or RISC-V.

What DevTerm core do you have? What issues are you seeing?

I’m on the A04 64bit ARM core.

Thonny doesn’t seem to be in the repo. Running the install script at errors out, since it doesn’t support ARM.

I also tried downloading the x86_64 executable directly and running it through box64, but that failed as well.

How did you install Thonny? You probably built it from source? Thank you for taking the time to help me out. I am really not that versed in all things Linux.

I’m not shilling for an IDE, but just as an alternative, Visual Studio Code works just fine and you should be able to develop for those platforms in there. I will attempt to install the IDEs you mentioned when I have a chance to this weekend and let you know how it goes.

1 Like is worth mentioning as its built on top of Visual Code.

As for Arduino IDE it works fine, I don’t remember if I did something special to run it or just run the jar with a jvm.