CM4: Getting Started

To get back to the original thread about setting up CM4 OS… I have learned something about the printer issues I was having, and I think step 3 should be updated, @jan-peter.

Detailed ramblings are here:

But the upshot is, if I have ONLY:
installed, then the printer works fine, both from CUPS and from command line echo control.

But if I have:
installed, my printer breaks.

It seems like the initial update I did, and presumably anyone might do, uninstalled devterm-thermal-printer-cm4 and installed devterm-thermal-printer, which broke it. After manually removing devterm-thermal-printer and installing devterm-thermal-printer-cm4, the printer worked. And the update and upgrade I did afterward didn’t mess things up and kept only those printer packages.

So I think section 3 should be changed to:

sudo apt update
sudo apt remove devterm-thermal-printer -y
sudo apt install -y devterm-thermal-printer-cm4 
sudo reboot

I haven’t tested this on a clean install, but I don’t think devterm-thermal-printer-cups needs to be removed and reinstalled. It probably doesn’t hurt to keep that part though.