Compatibility with CC1101 chipset?

Seems crazy to have such a sweet device with basically no gpio spi and what not access (least none I can find info about). Trying to duplicate some flipper zero functionality, but not seeing anyway to do it unless I use a bunch of USB devices with a hub. Am I wrong?

For A-06 module: looks like SPI0 is connected to that EXT port, maybe you can use that?
(If I remember correctly, CC1101 using SPI to communicate, right?)

Unless you are writing your own software for the cc1101 you aren’t gonna be able to.

I keep an eye on the python-cc1101 and cc1101-python githubs (yes they are different), and there are some large gaps in functionality. RFQuack works for tx but not rx with the cc1101 and hasn’t received updates in a long time. You would do better to write your own tools for the Yardstick One like I have. On the whole you get better results with it anyway.

There are many of us interested in using the USB line in the 4G/LTE connector

Thinking about this some more, rpi_tx might be doable, provided we can plug an antenna into GPIO4 / Pin 7 in some fashion.

Dirty transmissions without a filter though