Compiling AlephOne (Marathon Trilogy) for the GameShell

I’m trying to install AlephOne, an emulator designed to play the original Marathon trilogy (which has been released open-source by Bungie at Managed to install all libraries and dependencies as expected, but there appear to be some errors in the “make” step. I have no experience in compiling from source code but, after trying “sudo make install” after compiling, several more errors are returned and no install directory is created so I can only assume the installation failed.

Would anyone else be able to try installing AlephOne and let me know how it goes? I imagine that would be easier than trying to troubleshoot my install. The log from the “make” step is below, in case anything is glaringly obvious there. Thanks!

AlephOne Compile Log:

Hi! Don’t despair :slight_smile: Compilation / porting tip #1 - if something fails, Google it! :slight_smile:

Try to put the smallest portion of the error you think will be unique into the Google search box. In this case, I just put ```‘PIX_FMT_RGB24’ undeclared` into the search box and found:

So, I haven’t tested this, but if this StackOverflow answer is to be believed, tacking an AV_ onto the front of the offending symbol should fix your problem.

Good luck!