Concept: gyro and accelerometer addon

Right now, there’s not really any way to have gyroscope or accelerometer support on the GameShell, making games like Kirby’s Tilt & Tumble or WarioWare: Twisted pretty difficult to play properly. I’ve been debating creating an addon similar in shape/size to the LightKey that connects to the Clockwork Pi’s GPIO port and adds a 9DOF IMU. It’d probably need a driver to be installed and a version of RetroArch with gyro/accel support like the Switch and Vita versions do as of 1.8.1. Is that something folks would be interested in? I probably wouldn’t be able to do all of both the hardware and software support myself.


i’m interested in this, but all i can do is design a 3d printable case.

Would it potentially be more viable to use some of the spare headers of the arduino/keyboard? Just using what is already sending signals to the CPI board anyway would be a fair bit less fiddling, and would just involve uploading a new sketch.
There a whole heap of extra connectors on the arduino that I haven’t actually ever looked into tbh.

But yeah I have been thinking about this a lot myself. Perhaps including a light sensor, for games such as Solar Boy Boktai.

A camera to have a game boy camera. Or even to emulate a Nintendo DSi’s camera.

An NFC reader for on the fly Amiibo management. (I’ve mmmm currently using an nfc module connected to an arduino connected to a raspberry pi for amiibo “duplication”)

Perhaps a rumble unit. And dual analogue sticks. Heck. Extra keys in general. Have a case with a 5x5 array of lights keys that can change colours and display pixel art.

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Oh right, I forgot about the other two Arduino connectors. They’d probably work just fine! They’re the standard Arduino GPIO, from what I can recall. The main worry with using the keyboard module is that we’d likely need to change a lot of the interface between the keyboard and the CPI board so that it can do more than just keyboard inputs. I think a full suite of peripherals for the GameShell would be great!


I’m hoping at least it would be easier to manage a single arduino with multiple inputs, rather than trying to get say, Retroarch to read the input from multiple controllers.
The main thing I’d want to find out is what each of the pin definitions are for the arduino headers. There’s probably some documentation on github somewhere. I just haven’t looked deep into it yet.

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