Connector types?

Does anyone recognize the type of connectors used for the Arduino connections in the key pad module?

I believe they are JST

To be precise I think they are “Micro JST SH” connectors. The size should be 1mm high, commonly used for RC projects. I’ll see if I can measure it with a caliper.

If @yong or @hal could confirm this that would be nice. Then I can hookup some debugging to the mainboard.

Yes @hal I feel like the docs repository is missing a BOM

For example[v1_0]/CHIP_v1_0_BOM_20151030.pdf

I bought a few of these for my larger battery.
It fits

I think the battery connector has a different pitch than the other mainboard and keypad connectors. So JST SH might still be valid.

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Interesting link

I didn’t notice the pitch difference!
I think you are correct on the sizing

@Petrakis, that was a great reference. I used my calipers to measure the pitch and they are indeed 1mm.

There is not much info on the cables so I compiled this spreadhseet.

This is what I gathered from my gameshell and my calipers, could be wrong. Let me know if there is something to be changed.

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