CPU Module Schematics

Does anyone know where to get the schematics for the CPU core modules for the DevTerm? I am particularly interested in the A06 core module schematics.


Anyone from the clockwork team that can help on that or at least can give a schedule or estimation when these schematics will be available to the public? It would be very helpful to be able to port alternatives to Armbian to this cool device.

A06 uses a Rockchip RK3399 if I’m not mistaken (damn…should’ve taken a pic before putting on the heat sink). You may glean some info from here:

But I have yet to find a comprehensive reference manual with all the pinouts and such.

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Thanks for the link. It is a good start. But we are still missing the schematics of the core module where the rk3399 and other components like RAM, PMIC etc are assembled and wired. Last time in the forum I saw that @cuu was updating the schematics at github.

@cuu do you also have the schematics of the core module for the A06 or do you know who might have them so we can ask?

we will update the schematics in next week


Many thanks. I am really looking forward to take a look at them.