Custom leather pouch for my uConsole

I made a leather pouch for my uConsole since I carry it around a lot at university in a larger bag with all sorts of things so it needs some protection. It’s made from suede leather so it’s relatively soft. The latch closes with a snap button.

It’s all made entirely by hand. Took about 3-4h total.


Super nice! Where did you get the raw material (leather) from?

For this one I got most of it from a general art/craft supply store here in Berlin (Modulor). They sell A3 sized sheets of this soft leather and also cheap bags of random scraps (that’s were I got the grey leather I used for the latch).

My tools and thread I usually get from a dedicated leather supplier:

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do you offer comissions? i would love to get one (also german :wink: )

I could do that. But since I do everything by hand it takes quite a lot of time so it wouldn’t come cheap. I don’t have an exact estimate and it would also depend on materials but somewhere in the low-ish hundreds of € for sure.

Feel free to DM me, if you’re still interested

wait, you sewed the case completly by hand? the stiches look absolutely perfect, so i assumed you used a sewing machine. this is absolutely impressive.

yup, all by hand, from cutting to stitching to fitting the button :slight_smile:


Damn that looks smexy as hell, maybe you can make a hip/leg strap for it for easy carrying

Ever seen the cheap chinese leathger shoe patcher?
Since you already work in leather it might be something you’d find interesting.

I would like to sew one, too. Is there any way to get the sewing pattern for this pouch :heart_eyes:

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I don’t have a pattern since I just measured things by eye with the device itself as a reference. Here are photos of the individual parts though if that helps:

I’m not sure if you mean regular sewing though, because that won’t work with leather. Most normal sewing machines aren’t strong enough for that either. You’ll need to pre-punch the holes for the stitches in order to get a needle through along with the waxed thread that you need.

Unless you already know how to stitch leather, then ignore what I said and go ahead :slight_smile:


Perfect! I have sewn leather slippers (Pantoffel) for my kids a few years ago with my sewing machine, broke a few needles in the process though. Maybe it depends on the thickness of the leather?
Thanks for sharing nontheless!

You can try and use saddle-maker’s needles if they fit your machine I guess. But they are less sharp (since they assume pre-punched holes) but also more robust. But I don’t think the waxed thread would work well in a sewing machine.

I could see myself spending $100-150 USD on something like that but totally understand if you’d need to price it higher. The one thought I’d have is that a double layer front with some sort of frame sheet sewn in, plastic or kydex, would go a long way to protect the screen from acute pressure in a bag.

Very elegant!


I asked my friend to make that!


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