Purpose of hole on the backcover?

There’s a hole on the back of the Uconsole with threads…what is the purpose of the hole?

insert a screw, it will overlap and hold the stand in place when not in use. (see manual :wink: )


RTFM you say…will do, maestro :slight_smile:

I’m presuming this is the “hole” you are thinking of?

As already stated, it’s to hold the stand when not in use - or used handheld

Or… if you want to over engineer, you can create a mount for the uconsole that screws in that hole

Notice: The screw used here is slightly smaller than the others and is hard to distinguish with the naked eye.

Is that true? Then, or I was lucky, or I just put one of a random screw in there xd

same here. doesnt matter at all.

Yh it doesnt matter and with a replacement i got, alex mentioned that all the screws should be the same size

Maybe everyone’s situation is different.

After I set up my UC, I found the brackets to be a bit tight to unfold. Later, I noticed one screw at the front was slightly smaller than the others, creating a small gap that was hard to see unless you compared carefully.

So, I swapped this screw with one at the back, and both issues were resolved.


May have been a manufacturing defect, all the screws are supposed to be identical.