uConsole Mod Megathread

I don’t think anyone else has done this yet. Figured one thread for everyone to post their mods to their uConsoles would be nice to browse. Will edit this with some of my favorites if it picks up steam.

First submission – barry99705
Bright orange antenna module, presumably for use in inclement weather given it looks like a high-vis jacket had a child with the TI Nspire CX Navigator :stuck_out_tongue:


Replacement antenna.

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I also had to add an external antenna to make the wifi usable.
The connection rate pretty much stays at 433mbps all over my house.

It fits with the modem card installed, but it makes the headphone jack inaccessible. Currently not a problem as I haven’t been able to get service.

I also made some antenna designs check them out on printables micro Antenna and mini Antenna

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