Daytona usa on my gameshell

I looking for Daytona USA arcade version and I don’t which emulator I need. Thanks

You can check on Wikipedia the platforms where any games have been released to. In this case it’s a bit confusing, because it just says “arcade” ( I don’t think the GameShell can handle Sega Saturn games, but it’s possible).

Next step, you can try to find which ROMs you can get, so hop on to your favourite ROM sites (I won’t mention any “cool” ROM sites here, due to possible legal issues) and do a search for your games. Searching for “Daytona USA”, you get three results: Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast and MAME. MAME is the “arcade” from befora and sounds like the best bet, so try downloading it and trying it out!

It may not work or may be too slow for a good play.

Hope you can get it!!

I tried many mame ROM and it not working! This is my issue!

You need to use the ROMs for MAME version 0.78 (2003). Older ROMs will not work. Newer ROMs may also be problematic.

What is the version by default into the gameshell?

Hi there I found and downloaded one core for sega Saturn (yakabuse), do you think it will work, I found a site where sega Saturn ISO’s are and downloaded one, is there anything more I should do please let me know