This is practically a duplicate thread of your previous one.

Did you try doing as Veronica mentioned, using retroarch, and as Lix mentioned, using FinalBurn Neo and as I mentioned, using the correct bios?

You’ll need to use the retroarch core download menu to get Final Burn Neo

There’s some other threads here that have also covered this.

Probably would be worth merging this thread with your previous one.


echo '#!/bin/bash\nretroarch --verbose -L ~/.config/retroarch/cores/ ~/games/DOSBOX/Pal95/PAL!.EXE' > scp cpi@"~/apps/Menu/21_Indie Games/20_Pal"

Might be a good idea to start a new thread re: the Dosbox issues, since that’s kind of a different topic altogether. Also, try using the search function. I found this just looking for “dosbox”

As for a step by step tutorial, if you search for “neogeo” you should be able to get a lot of good tutorials. Here’s one that came up when I searched.

Side note; is there an official language that people should adhere to in this forum? I just happen to know a few languages, being chinese, born in Australia, however it seems as though we are getting more and more users from non native speaking english countries.


No worries! I think the majority of the people here are natively English speaking, so might not be able to easily reply - however the devs probably all can speak chinese.

If it’s hard to communicate here, try the chinese unofficial forums:

I’m going to stop communicating in this thread, since it’s going to be doubling up. I’ll put the rest of my responses in your first thread, so others can potentially help.


Mm agreed. I feel that it’s a cultural thing, re: chinese people feeling ashamed to ask for help, and at times give help as well. Then again that could just be my family. Good on you for going against the norm! :slight_smile:

Anyway. I’ll continue to post in your original thread, since this is fairly closed off to the majority of the non chinese speaking members of the forum. You’ll be more likely to get help that way.

I have to remove the link about ROMs because of copyright.
Guys you can search them on Google,Bing,Baidu,and so on.

That means you use wrong romset,The rom must match the emu core which you installed

If you use fba/fbneo, you can download romset on this website:

But if you want to play neogeo arcade game(such as metal slug),you must download bios)first,and put it into your romset directory