DEOT extras translations

I can’t read mandarin or Korean or whatever Language the DEOT extras were in, so I was wondering if you guys have any translated versions?


MS Translator detects/understands it like “Chinese”.
i would also like to see those DEOT Extras translated to English.

maybe @javelinface could help to mention right people, that may help with translation

We’d probably need to get in contact with Gcores, or whoever made the .love files. They’re compiled, and we don’t currently have access to the source code, so can’t really translate it, without rewriting it from scratch.
Judging by how they haven’t really updated the stock DEOT image, I wouldn’t hold my breath to see much more progress. It’s a chinese based site, so it makes sense that the OS and its bells and whistles are also in chinese.
Realistically, they’re just aesthetic “games” that don’t do anything, besides look cool. You’re not missing out on much really. :slight_smile: