[Solved] Want more info about DEOT

I get news from this post .
and very interesting about new console.

If want to make game on [DEOT] & GameShell from 0. (Already have Programming skill)
What need to learn?

Hope make game to win new console :wink:

Sorry, but what is DEOT?

Never heard of that

Based on the link posted above, and run through Google translate, it appears DEOT is some kind of re-branded version of GameShell?

I’m curious if it’s exactly the same, aside from the case, or if it has any hardware changes or upgrades.

Perhaps this helps explain why updates have been kinda slow to arrive for GameShell, if Clockwork has been focused on this DEOT release instead? Odd there was no mention of it on the forums until now, especially since it seems like it will be releasing in a few weeks and there’s some kind of game jam event involved with it too.

If this is the same hardware, or very similar to GameShell then all the currently supported game creation options should work. Have a look around the forums. There are lots of different ways to create games for the GameShell (and I guess, DEOT?)

Might be safest to use something like Pico-8 or Tic-80 since I imagine they will be running on this new device and wouldn’t require any extra porting effort. Hard to say without knowing anything else about this device.

More pics here.

Looks like the GUI is different too. Quite nice. I like the colour scheme of the hardware too.

Perhaps keeping it to a native Chinese release, they have more of a streamlined means of communicating, and closer ties with their devs etc.

As a cultural thing, Chinese are less about asking for solutions, and having people solve their problems, and more about finding solutions themselves. Perhaps they have this alternative rebranded product to target the native Chinese speaking market, harbouring a second means of community development?


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Alright, its color change & branded version, with different ui skin.
Look like i’m think too much, ignore this post.

Nice link! I like the interface and color scheme too. The name is ridiculously awesome: “Dimension Engineering Operation Terminal”. Sounds a lot more impressive than “GameShell”, though rather cryptic. :wink:

Looks like something straight out of an old 80s (or earlier) sci-fi movie.

Oh I missed the link.

Well that’s clearly the same ClockworkPi board in there, just slight changes in the shell itself, and it’s made by Clockwork.

Well it seems it is a GameShell branded for that “Gamecore” seller.

Just got a deot on hand, and made a dead simple unity webgl build.
With the help of NW.js, I can run it on the device.
While the software gpu driver runs painfully slow at 20 fps with the lowest quality, the experimental hardware driver won’t run at all.

Looking to get one. How can i get one in the US?