Gameshell DEOT version, any offers?

Hey guys, Suuuuper sorry if these posts are not allowed. I’m new to this community, guess I joined a little late cuz everything is sold out haha…(:sob:). What really stings is seeing that awesome DEOT version sold out (That thing looks siiick) and now I’m kinda dead set on getting one of these. Was this a limited time thing never to be seen again? I’m hoping to get one shipped to my house before the end of the month but it’s looking like there won’t be an official way to do that as of yet. Anyone trying to get rid of their DEOT gameshell? I would HAPPILY take it off your hands. I live in the US and would love to hear your offer. Thanks for your time!

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i don’t think it was for a limited time, it probably will go back in stock when or a bit after the regular gameshell gets back in stock

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Given this statement, I’m guessing this would coincide with the restocking of the original Gameshell, and perhaps the outer shells.

Since the DEOT edition gameshell was a collaboration with Gcores, I wonder whether there is some kind of tome limited licensing agreement for using the custom decals? There wasn’t any way to get the shells themselves. You had to get the whole package. I wonder if this means there may be a new complete DEOT package with the new CPU module, screen etc.

It also had a custom OS with a darker theme, and a blue aqua interface. Looking at the DevTerm, it seems that it will be using a similar interface colour scheme. See here:
It’s practically the same as the DEOT interface.

Gcores is still active, so hopefully this means a DEOT edition shell is still possible.

Another interesting thing. My DEOT gameshell is slightly different. It never came with the decals above the speaker grills. Otherwise, the quality is top notch.

I do feel as though the plastic of the standard gameshell kits to be slightly “stiffer” than the DEOT version. Beside the decals, there isn’t too much you’re missing out on with the stock white gameshell.

What I’m wondering is since it’s an open source device/community, would clockworkpi be able to provide the files to print our own decals? One for the screen border would be great as well! That way we can 3D print our own DEOT style green shells, and apply the decals accordingly. That would probably be the best bet; especially if forum members collaborate with one another.

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I saw that you could just modify a normal gameshell to have the DEOT layout which is really cool and if nothing else I could just get a normal one from a seller on the forums and modify it like that, but, that case and the decals are really cool haha. Also, holy crap you got one, that’s sick, why are there literally zero youtube videos on the DEOT? Was it really that limited? I guess I’ll have to see what the future has “in store”. Thanks for responding, I see you a lot around the forums haha.

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Yes indeed! I actually made a custom image; DEOT+ v2. It was because, like you I really loved the DEOT feel. Once the new CPU module comes out, no doubt a new architecture/OS will come out. When that happens, I’ll start a project on a similar kind of “hacker” interface, just without any branding, as DEOT is associated with GCORES.

Possibly, the reason we don’t see much DEOT coverage on YouTube is that GCORES is primarily a Chinese blog site. They don’t use YouTube there, and most people who bought them did so via the Gcores site, in Chinese. So I’m guessing that most coverage was done on the Chinese equivalent of YouTube. (Youku??)

I don’t know if it’s a matter of the DEOT being limited, but the state of the world in lock down getting hungry for home gaming devices COINCIDING with the release of the DEOT edition. As you’ve probably seen, the world has cleared out stock of all of the game shells, cases, accessories etc; faster than they could produce them.

That said, I am curious how many DEOT edition units were made. It even came in a special alternative packaging box with a similar green theme.

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Well seeing how the Gameshell will be updated once it’s restocked (looking mostly at the new screen) I guess it’s best to just wait, but if it restocks and I miss out again, I might go crazy.

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I do wonder, once things are announced, whether or not people can pre order like they can for the devterm.

That said, a side affect of having something new out is the prospect of people selling their existing units. Unless you really want the screen/cpu module, this could be a cheap way to get a gameshell.

I’d say that if you wanted the nicer screen, you would pretty much need to have the upgraded CPU module to provide enough grunt for drive the higher resolutions. Then to do this, you will also need a beefier battery. No doubt they will be using the 18650 batteries the devterm uses; thus you would also need an updated rear chassis to support the size, and to provide adequate cooling. Chances are there will be an upgraded analogue stick, so that means a new front chassis, etc.

The point I’m getting at is, there will always be something better. If you don’t get the latest and greatest the first wave, it’s not the end of the world. :slight_smile:

100% true if someone offered me the DEOT here I would go for it in a heartbeat but I mean, who would give up one of those puppies :joy:. So if no one gives an offer (most likely outcome) I’ll just wait cuz the DEOT is kinda worth it idk haha

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