DevTerm A-06 core CPU frequency scaling

Thank you for nice gearbox script. This is suitable for my purpose!!

I ​wrote an additional(dirty and small) script, with that I can shift up/down even when terminal window is not open.



Place two files into the same directory as devterm-a06-gearbox. (dont forget “chmod +x gearpos”.)
You may type “gearpos up” to shift-up (1->2->3->4->5->6), type “gearpos down” to shift-down (6->5->4->3->2->1).
When CPU and GPU clocks are not set on any 6 presets, gearpos assumes gear position as 3.

Once you set xfce4 keyboard-shortcut, you may instantly shift up/down DevTerm(A06) gearbox.
(I set Ctrl+Vol_Up(Fn+Vol) to “gearpos up”, Ctrl+Vol_Down(Vol) to “gearpos down”)

Just for your information, happy DevTerm life!!


Interesting. I will adapt your scripts to work on the A04, if that’s ok with you.

Alternatively you can install cpupower and cpupower-gui and configure your own profiles. As far as I can see it can do the same except controlling the gpu.