Why DevTerm A06 have 2 offline CPU by default

I just have my second-hand DevTerm A06, and I found in htop, only four cores are running.

I used lscpu and found there are 2 offline CPU 4 and 5, and I can manually open it by chcpu -e 4,5.

I am wondering why these CPU are disabled by default. I have installed clean ClockworkOS v0.2, so it is not the configuation for its first owner that causes this situation.

Or if the CPU is managed by some tools of DevTerm ? If some conditions are met, the manager will automatically close/open CPU ?

They’re disabled by default. I suppose to maximize thermal cooling and battery life? to utilise all 4, you need the governor for it (already included with the stock OS image) but hey, sounds like you need the gearbox GUI version:

The link above is a step up from clockworkpi’s terminal-only gearbox and should’ve been included in future image updates of the OS from now on really.

While you’re at it, tweak the fan speed too:

lemme just say that I apologize on behalf of the community here that the information regarding the device is all over the place. A little bit of search could go a long way, so I hope the two linked above could point you in the right direction. Do stay around and have fun with your devterm!