Devterm A06: Kitty requires OpenGL 3.3 drivers. How to install these?

Hi There,

So I have a DevTerm A06 and I noted that the Kitty terminal requires OpenGL 3.3 drivers. Does anyone know how to install this on their DevTerm A06?

the a06 uses an rk3399 if im not mistaken. i think the solution usually involves mesa panfrost.
I dunno if there are armbian or manjao builds yet, but those might have implementations. see if their documentation says anything about mesa panfrost and what you have to type where to enable it.

I consider myself somewhat decent with compiling on A06. I just tried building kitty, and it doesn’t look good. Armbian just doesn’t have OpenGL 3.3 built into it’s ecosystem. You would need to compile a large part from scratch. See here for more information: OpenGL on Mali GPU (BananaPi, OrangePi PC, etc) - P2P help - armbian forum

I’d install one of the Manjaro devterm builds and try building it on there.

I’d be curious to hear if it works on Manjaro. I think the Open GL version is also an issue with Box86/64 and Wine compatibility issues. If this works then I bet those will work better too. It would be what I’d need to push me over the edge and finally ditch the official build.

Yes on Manjaro. Built, and run as:


(try that on default armbian, it might work.)

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