Installing other distros on DevTerm

Was wondering, has anyone tried out any other distros/images on the Devterm yet?


many have, though i’ve yet to recieve my unit i think there is a lot of work needed to get certain rk3399-compatible OS to work on the devterm. once i get mine i’ll post my findings here.

Thank you for doing this. I am also interested in other distros.

The following may work.


I briefly tried openSUSE Leap 15.3, using the X11 image. It booted, but I had to connect a Monitor through HDMI, and the keyboard didn’t work in Grub, but after boot finished. Also, it didn’t recognize the Wifi. I would still like to get it working, though.

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I’ve been working on getting Fuchsia OS to run on my DevTerm A06. That’s a bit more involved than other OSs as it requires changes to the bootloader (u-boot) to support booting the Zircon kernel, as well as figuring out a workflow for actually flashing Fuchsia to the SD card (existing Fuchsia installation workflows generally target eMMC, so use tools like fastboot to flash directly across the network, whereas ideally we could just produce a .img we can write to the SD card ourselves). And probably means I’ll have to write drivers myself for most things. Fun!


So this is with the CM3 version? Couldn’t get monitor out to work at all.


Nice, did you have any luck? I’ve tried TwisterOS with a few different dtbs but none of them worked even with HDMI cable out on initial bootup.

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Yes it’s the CM3, the micro HDMI worked flawlessly. I had the monitor attached before switching it on, no idea if it works when I connect it later.

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