Devterm app missing title bar, window control buttons

My Devterm works fine yesterday but all of the sudden these weird things came up:

some app has no title bar

and others has no window control buttons. Neither does the app shows up in the taskbar, thus I cannot even move the app window if the window is over-heighted.

And the ALT-F4 cannot trigger the kill-window/logout event.

Do these occurs to anyone? Could anyone please help me out?

I have tried systemctl restart lightdm and reboot with Save session for future logins checked off but it doesn’t help with the issues.

My first guess would be the window manager, normally tiling WMs remove the window controls bar to provide more screen real estate.


Thank you Petrakis, I have found the solution thanks to your reply.

I have used the following command to determine which wm the system is using

$ printf 'Desktop: %s\nSession: %s\n' "$XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP" "$GDMSESSION"
Desktop: XFCE
Session: xfce

and for xfce wm: run xfwm4 --replace in the terminal and everything returned back


Yeah, iirc it looks like your window manager just decides to randomly terminate, which is why you see that X cursor that usually shows on X11 before the window manager starts. That’s why xfwm4 --replace returns everything back!

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