DevTerm window manager


I was trying to identify the window manager from the pictures on you web site, and failed.

Can you tell me what it is please ?

You might not have much luck, I’m afraid. The devs don’t really frequent the forums, so we’re gonna have to wait till the devices get into people’s hands or they upload the new Clockwork OS version to GitHub.

i believe it’s either TWM or DWM

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@guu was one of the devs I believe.
Here is something mentioning historically the choices and reasoning for using each; and ultimately why it’s most likely going to be dwm.
Now that we have a stable GPU driver, I have personally disabled twm on my own custom images, and have made dwm the default in both handheld and hdmi mode; at least on my gameshell.
Since performance issues shouldn’t be a thing on the devterm, I don’t see why they would use twm.

That said, this was uploaded 16 hours ago, ie twm content. Perhaps it is going to use twm.


yeah, my TWM guess is based on the gameshell history, but with the devterm i can imagine it being DWM by default with a wider range of window manager options like i3, awesome, openbox etc.


maybe i’ll finally be inspired to learn how to configure awesome…

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yeah choosing a WM for the DT will be fun, i’m unsure whether to go with awesome or not but that used to be my main as a kid (2010/2011)

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in the event there are others who know very little what we are discussing:

def installing the Z shell, tho

I wonder which Editor the DT uses in the pic from the website of Devterm introduction.

It looks simple and nice with less button and left more screen space to the content with character of proper font size.

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That is a demonstration editor based on chrome extension

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I don’t mean to sidetrack this thread, but can anyone recommend a good window manager that either resizes out-of-display windows or adds scrollbars? Having a vertical res of 480 doesn’t seem to jive with most of the programs I’ve tried. I read on a stackexchange post (that I’m having a hard time verifying) that it’s possible to do both in OpenBox, but I’ve failed so far in my attempts.

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my personal opinion : awesome WM