Devterm battery space too tight

Battery when inserted into devterm, does not stay inside completely:

Because of this the battery cover does not want to close.
If I force it, then this happens:

the top and bottom of the case don’t stick together.
To avoid this and to be able to close the battery cover without problem I had to make it a bit deeper:

With this it does close normally, finally.
I’m glad that I didn’t choose the transparent version because that would not look nice.

I would suggest improving the dimensions in a future revision of devterm.

I’ve got these: Panasonic NCR18650B Flat Top 3400mAh 4.9A Battery - 18650 Battery Store

And they just barely fit. Took some work to close the door. I might do the same if I end up swapping them often.

It is possible to close the door…but if you take a closer look you will notice the gap between the front shell and the backshell as bicyclesonthemoon stated in his post.

I don’t have that gap, but I had a rough time getting it on the first time. Now that I know the trick it’s easier.