DevTerm Bookworm kernel 6.6.28

I got kernel 6.6.28 compiled for the DevTerm on Debian Bookworm!


raspberrypi-linux HEAD? :open_mouth:

Yes sir, I’m running a newer kernel on the DevTerm then that is full release for the pi yet. Not by much but still.

Edit: I’m doing one more clean compile I want to do to make things as easy as possible for others. Then I’ll push it up to GitHub. If you want to check it out

Edit 2: if all goes good I might set up a repo for the kernel and put it in a new image. Build it every other week so that the uConsole and DevTerm can get kernel updates


Recompiled again and dumped onto a fresh RPI image.

Still getting some warnings on the panel drivers but they build and work. I changed a few things, now doing another recompile to see if I can get rid of the warnings.


Thank God we have you and yatli.

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A little update everything is working in 6.6.28 except internal audio. Headphones work bt audio works but no speakers. I’ve made a apt repo for future kernel updates. Will post when ready to go.


Fucking legend. I don’t think everyone understands what that means. An up to date kernel is a total game changer for these devices.


will it work for so this could also work with UC?

You could cover all Debian based OS by moving it to Armbian. Infrastructure comes by default.