DevTerm OS CM4 image files

Official DevTerm CM4 image files here:


Download: ==> Mirror #1 ==> Torrent
md5sum: 7938ed1cdda98ba6f28049a819c12dc1
Size: 3.2G

v0.1 latest release note:

. Based on the Raspberry Pi OS* ARM32 system
· Linux Kernel v5.10.17
· Friendly LXDE desktop POWERED BY Raspberry Pi 
· Rechargeable battery energy management
. Standard CUPS thermal printer driver support

A BIG THANK YOU to the open source ecosystem and all supporters from around the world! :heart: :heart: :heart:


it works! :purple_heart:



Do I understand it correctly, that this is a 32bit OS?


yes, that is 32 bit os

Why would this not be 64-bit? :pensive:

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Two questions. The shop pages says:

For all CM4 EMMC versions, will NOT be able to use the clockworkPi mainboard v3.14 SD card function

So, should I use the one without EMMC?

Q2, are the printer and the HDMI output working?

printer and HDMI are working as sure

EMMC can work theoretically, you need to reduce the image size, or because emmc is quiet small, you need to use the minimized version of rpi os with the dt kernel package

Slightly off topic, but is the Pi CM4 more performant than the A06? I’d also be interested in hearing if anyone who has a CM4 adapter can report how snappy (or not) using it with an eMMC module on the DevTerm is? I was hoping loading of programs was significantly faster.

64-bit image is out here now:

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