I wrote a script to make CM4 images for the DevTerm

I wrote a script which takes the 64-bit Raspberry Pi OS Desktop image, and converts it into an image for the DevTerm CM4. Find it here:

It basically does everything on the “Create DevTerm CM4 OS image from scratch” wiki page for you:

Hope it’s useful.


Doesn’t original 64-bit Raspberry Pi OS Desktop image work for CM4?

For CM4, yes. But for the DevTerm, without configuration the display will not show an image, amongst other things.

I have a DevTerm with a CM3. I would like to run it in 64 bit mode as it supports that. What would it take to make that work?

The instructions for the CM3 are here:

And they look very similar, so my script might actually work for the CM3 as well. I don’t have a CM3, so if you’d like to test it, please feel free and let me know the results.

Looking again, you’ll probably have to change the package installation part. Replace the packages on the apt-get “install” line with these ones:

devterm-thermal-printer devterm-keyboard-firmware devterm-fan-temp-daemon-rpi devterm-thermal-printer-cups devterm-kernel-rpi devterm-audio-patch

Thanks, I looked at it awhile back and that gives me a 32 bit version. I sort of wanted a 64 bit. Will likely wait as I have a few too many items in the fire at this point. I do have a uConsole on order as well with the R-01 processor. Concerned that after working with the Mango Pi, that it will be a bit slow. Everything is a trade off and I like the lower power consumption of the CM3 vs the CM4.

Not an expert, but I wanna ask what is the huge difference between the 32bit and 64bit OS? I mean, although CM4 is powerful, but do we have to run some 64bit software?

It really depends on the type of project, 64 bit modes run a bit faster on many of my programs. The down side is some programs take up a bit more space as pointers in 32 bit world are 4 bytes and they are 8 bytes in the 64 bit world. The CM3 processor is capable of 64 bit motes. It is the same processor as used on the Pi Zero 2 W and I have 64 bit running well on that. For me it is personal preference but I do understand many if not most would not notice much difference.