DevTerm Protective cover community prints

hi all I’d thought id start a thread for those who are printing the DevTerm protective cover that was just released

here is mine :slight_smile:


Looks good! :+1: What were your print settings?

running overture matte pla at 225 and 60 on bed. manual bed level on a fulaflex print bed

Very cool. Soon as I get some more filament, I’ll have to try this out!

I’ve been lax in scraping stuck bits of PLA off my bed, so now I have some embedded in my cover. I’m gonna do another print (on my now clean bed) using “natural” PLA that is somewhat transparent and will hopefully let the logo show through.

Other than that, the print came out great and snaps nicely on the devterm. I didn’t use any supports and the tabs that snap onto the devterm still came out perfect.

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I did another print with natural PLA and like it much better. The logo shows through and it still matches pretty nicely.


Used an SLA printing serivce here in China. About 20bux. Came out rock solid. Quite impressed. Going to try a clear material next.


I’m surprised SLA resin are not well known for flexibility, and that type of cover need a bit of flexibility, hope it will not break overtime!

I’d like one of these but I don’t have a 3D printer - anyone kind enough to print one for me and send it? I’ll of course pay for it, name your price (private message) …

Where are you located?

Vienna, Austria. Will pay costs.

Mozart not kangaroo, got it.

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