DevTerm R01 Ubuntu ISO Image Download?

Does anyone know where I can find the Ubuntu ISO used on the Devterm R01?

I need to re-flash mine, because… well… I trashed it. :smiley:

The base image is on - top of the “Stack” of disks.

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I answered you back on the other topic. But for completeness you can download it with this link:

To find the download links you can go to the clockwork site and click “disk collection” under the “community” menu.

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Thanks, Chip. Yeah. Saw that. Got it!

In the manual for the unit, the only have the home page listed, for downloading the os images. And the homepage doesn’t seem to have a mention of the dl subdomain. So, it’s good to know this!

If you hover your mouse over the “community” menu, you’ll see the “Disks Collection” menu item … eventually fade into reality. They need to tone down the glitz some. It gets in the way. :slight_smile:

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Oh, bloody nuts. I saw that and ignored it, because I was looking for a literal “Downloads” menu item. It didn’t even occur to me what a “disk collection” might be – which is stupid. I’m 53. I lugged disk collections around for years :smiley:

LOL. Me too! I still have disk files filled with CDs and DVDs.

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