DevTerm OS R01 image files

Latest official DevTerm R01 image files here:

DevTerm R01

Download: ==> Mirror #1 ==> Torrent
md5sum: 49aa472a6e4d81a48e0ala26436f02c2
Size: 2.8G

Release Note:

(R01 OS v0.2a) powered by ubuntu RISC-V 64 Architecture
- Based on RISC-V Ubuntu 22.04* LTS Jammy 
- Linux kernel v5.4.61
- TWM (Tab Window Manager) with optimized configuration. 
- Rechargeable battery energy management 
- Standard CUPS thermal printer driver support

A BIG THANK YOU to the open source ecosystem and all supporters from around the world!

How to create DevTerm R01 OS image from scratch


Can we upgrade to this from an existing installation, or should we reinstall?

Also I assume this should be in the DevTerm topic, not GameShell…

You have to do a fresh reinstall with this OS image. Thanks for the category correction.

Qutebrowser is bundled with the image and I’m sure it was working fine on the previous version but now it just seems to crash on me - it comes up with a python segmentation fault (as shown by the crash report). Is anyone else having the same issue?

Thanks for the update. But you forgot to mention why we might actually want it? The specs you mention seem to be the same as I already had. I’ve invested a lot of effort into building an environment that is beginning to approach being useful and functional. So, please, tell me why it might be good for me to scrap everything and start over?

  • Did you fix the cursor in the console driver?
  • Did you improve the framebuffer write speed?
  • Better font selection in the non-CUPS print driver?
  • The kernel now includes the input-mousedev driver?
  • ???