OS images, where are they?

Now that my uConsole is to be delivered this afternoon, it would be a good time to get the image loaded on a card. Looking at the Disk Collection, they seem to not list the uConsole, only the DevTerm. I have the R-01 module, but don’t seem to see where to get the image for that one. I suppose it would be easier to make the DevTerm one run both as most the hardware is identical, but nothing says that. So where is the image for the R-01 module in a uConsole?

There was an update in the shipping thread here: Update: uConsole shipping related

Image download: http://dl.clockworkpi.com/uConsole_CM4_v1.3g_64bit.img.7z

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But I have the R-01 processor, the CM4 image isn’t going to work.

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Ahh sorry glossed over that… don’t see the R-01 image listed yet.

I also have a DevTerm with a CM3 module, wonder if the CM4 image would boot from that??? (I suspect not)

They included an SD card and it boots. I am up.


Nice to see the black case one in the wild. Thanks for posting that!


Did you find an image? I too have the R-01.

Downloading with chrome on windows doesn’t work for me it does noting. But worked with curl:

curl http://dl.clockworkpi.com/uConsole_CM4_v1.3g_64bit.img.7z --output uConsole_CM4_v1.3g_64bit.img.7z

Can someone that downloaded it earlier confirm the md5?

holy crap, they hosting the images on a pi or something?


They included an SD card with an image on it. Really nice of them.

Ah - I have a R CPU board (for the DevTerm) but ordered a uConsole with no CPU at all, so no SD card for me Hoping they make it available soon.

I can confirm

I bought the version of the uConsole with no CPU, as after experimenting with the DevTerm I have an A6-Core and R-01 module in a drawer.

However, I can’t find any disk images to download for these CPUs.

So I’ve got the assembled unit on my desk with an A6 inside it, but no way to boot it!

Hoping clockworkpi will post the images soon, or someone will share?




here we go


Thank you!


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Thank you very much.

Thanks - I have an A06 ordered - already have the microSD card - so I’ll write the image to it (using Etchy) and wait for my ship to come in :wink: … writing a 256 gb microsd card with the A06 image…

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Mine only took a few minutes to download.

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