DevTerm ships with "Enhanced Heat Sink Assembly" with a copper sheet and a rubberized spacer sticker. but there is no actual heat sink?

Am I missing something here?

I tried searching the forum for this. another post was linked but it’s not at all clear which part is which or where any of it is supposed to go.

I see like sticker sheets, could it be the graphene cooling? DIY a Graphene Cooling System for DevTerm

yes, this is the diagram I don’t understand. I have the copper foil. as far as I know there is no graphene sheet. there is also no heatsink pictured for “C” to be applied to as shown in the diagram.

The copper foil have the graphene integrated(grey side). On the cm4 adapter there is no space for a classic heatsink, the cm4 cpu touch the plastic back cover. For that the copper foil is the only heatsink that is supposed to use. The copper side on the cpu and the graphene side sticked on the plastic side. In my case the sticker side doesn’t sick and I don’t use it. In my case I cut a window in the plastic back cover to place on the cpu a copper plate.